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Big Data Testing Overview

  • Testing Big Data application is more a verification of its data processing rather than testing the individual features of the software product.
  • When it comes to Big data testing, performance and functional testing are the key.
  • In Big data testing QA engineers verify the successful processing of terabytes of data using commodity cluster and other supportive components.
  • It demands a high level of testing skills, as the processing is very fast. Processing may be of three types.
  • Along with this, data quality is also an important factor in big data testing. Before testing the application, it is necessary to check the quality of data and should be considered as a part of database testing. It involves checking various characteristics like conformity, accuracy, duplication, consistency, validity, data completeness, etc.
Big Data Steps W3Softech

Big Data Testing Steps

  • Data Staging Validation
  • Map Reduce validation
  • Output validation phase
Big Data Environment W3Softech

Testing Environment

Test Environment needs depend on the type of application you are testing. For Big data testing, test environment should encompass:
• It should have enough space for storage and process large amount of data
• It should have cluster with distributed nodes and data
• It should have minimum CPU and memory utilization to keep performance high


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