Performance Overview W3Softech


  • Dedicated performance testing group
  • Establish a performance profile for our client's applications
  • Measure response times, transaction rates and other time-sensitive requirements
  • To determine end to end timing (benchmarking) of various time critical business processes and transactions
  • Identify the bottlenecks
  • Fine tune to ensure the acceptable response times

Objectives :

  • Measuring the end user response time
  • Checking reliability
  • Measuring system capacity
  • Identifying bottlenecks


  • To verify that performance requirements have been achieved.
  • Performance test results may also be compared with test results from prior versions of the software or other implementations to evaluate whether performance has improved or degraded as a result of revisions made.


W3Softech is an Independent QA services company specializing in Functional, Automation, non-functional testing services. It provides end-to-end QA services driven by robust governance model providing visibility and control to the customer.

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