Top 10 Automation Testing Tools of 2019 – W3Softech

Here is the list of top 10 automation testing tools of 2019 which includes open-source, commercial and free tools with a brief explanation

Apache JMeter

  • It is an Open Source load testing tool written in Java 6+
  • Initially designed for Web Apps but has expanded to other functions
  • Offers the ability to load and performance test many different apps/server/protocol types
  • Has full-featured test IDE allowing fast test plan recording, building and debugging

Katalon Studio

  • It is an automated testing tool for mobile, web and services for integrated software automation
  • It can integrated into CI/CD functions including JIRA, Jenkins, Git and QTest
  • Katalan Studio also consists of Katalon Analytics which gives overall reports of charts, metrics and graphs


  • LamdaTest is a Cloud-based Cross-browser testing platform
  • It is used to perform compatibility testing on both Web Browsers and Operating Systems
  • Can log in with one click with the help of tools like Asana, GitHub, Jira, Slack, etc.,
  • Can perform automated screenshot testing up to 25 combinations at a time


  • Pylot is written in Python Programming Language
  • It is an easy to use free tool for load testing web apps
  • Offers cross-platform compatibility
  • Displays real-time statistics
  • Generates concurrent load, verifies server responses and produces reports with metrics
  • Test suites can be executed and monitored from a GUI or shell/console


  • It is an all in one tool for automation testing
  • Easy to use for beginners without any coding as well as powerful for experts with VB.NET and open APIs
  • Mainly used for functional UI on Mobile, Web and Desktop
  • Drives in iOS and Android with Cross-browser testing
  • Runs remote tests or local tests on Selenium Grid
Top 10 Automation Testing Tools - W3Softech
Top 10 Automation Testing Tools – W3Softech

Selenium Webdriver

  • It is an Open Source Tool for Web Testing and Cross-Browser Testing
  • It has tools like Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Webdriver supports a number of languages, OD and browsers
  • It can easily integrated with other tools for developing and testing frameworks
  • Selenium 3 has bug fixes from Selenium 2
  • It focuses more on mobile automation


  • It is an Open Source Web Service Testing Tool for REST and SOA
  • It allows Compliance Testing, Automated Functional Testing and Load Testing
  • SoapUI can’t be used for Mobile or Web Application testing but very suitable to Test API and Services
  • Also called a headless functional testing application

The Grinder

  • It is an Open Source Java load testing framework
  • Allows Flexible Scripting
  • The graphical console allows multiple load injectors to get a monitor and control
  • Offers Mature HTTP Support
  • Works on any hardware platform and any OS that supports J2SE1.4 and above


  • WAPT is a performance testing tool for Web and Mobile Apps
  • The test can run against a website, a REST API service or a mobile app backend
  • Does not require integration with the servers for testing
  • Has integrated Log Viewer and advanced Error Reporting
  • Offers simulation of real users and conditions


  • It is an Open Source Ruby Library for automating tests
  • Makes it easy to write and maintain test cases
  • Drives IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
  • Watigiri is an addon to Watir that allows actions to be taken using Nokogiri instead of Selenium