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Banking & Finance Testing Services

The Banking and Financial Services sector (BFS) is challenged by shifting customer constancy, increasing guidelines, and capacious trades across multiple networks. Moreover, there is a stronger need than ever for monetary firms to use disruptive technologies and platforms to increase customer centricity while still minimizing costs and risks. This set of challenges often means improving your IT strategy to facilitate such business alterations.

Since responding to these challenges can be a difficult task, it’ll take the right combination of expertise and industry experience to succeed. With our strong capability in technology and business transformation in the Financial Services sector, W3Softech will partner and organize with you to plan a modern IT strategy that will make the most of revenue, shrink costs, and upturn operational proficiency.

Key Offerings:

Our proficiency in tools, expertise in latest technologies, awareness of BFSI dynamics, and rich repository of re-usable test cases assure clients of low-cost banking application testing services, robust QA consulting, effective resource optimization, and on-time delivery.

  • Full spectrum of finance application testing services for banks and financial institutions to leverage up-and-coming market opportunities
  • Custom-made and comprehensive finance application testing services
  • QA consulting, and support and maintenance

Testing and QA services for BFS(Banking and Financial Services sector )

Banking Finance Wealth Management
Retail banking software Trading software Institutional equities management application
Credit card and loan processing applications & Net banking application Financial accounting software & Customer management applications Investor management application
Customer service and accounting software Microfinance applications Claim processing software
Corporate banking software Capital market software Mutual Funds

BFS Test Management Strategy: Keysteps

BFS Testing W3Softech


  • Domain based test repository
  • Business rule data validation
  • Process automation
  • End-to-end test acceleration platform
  • UI based test automation framework
  • Scalability & Increased process efficiency