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Insurance Testing Services

Insurance Companies rely profoundly on Software to run their business. Software Systems helps them to deal with numerous insurance accomplishments like developing standard policy forms, control billing process, managing customer's data, rendering quality services to the customer, organizing between branches and so on. But a bigger task is test data management, as the data in such applications tend to be sensitive, interdependent and often show high redundancy.

Though this software is planned to meet the customer's outlooks, its endurance and consistency needs to be confirmed before its actual implementation. Software testing assures the quality of the insurance software by identifying bugs before go-live.

Key Offerings:

The insurance sector is a network of small units that deals directly or indirectly with processing claims. For smooth functioning of an insurance company, it is necessary that each of this unit is tested rigorously before it is sync together to deliver the desired outcome. The testing includes:

  1. Call Center
  2. Policy Serving
  3. Direct channel
  4. Integration

Call Center info

  • IVR integration testing
  • Call routing and assignment
  • Security and access
  • Reflexive Questions

Policy Serving info

  • Policy life cycle testing
  • Financial and Non-financial policy changes
  • Policy lapse and Re-instatement
  • Policy aging-run cycles
  • Premium due alerts

Direct channel info

  • Mobile access
  • Cross browser/cross platform accessibility
  • Application performance
  • Usability of application

Integration info

  • Data integration
  • Complex interface integration
  • Source/Destination formats
  • Production like interface
  • Web service pull/push efficiency

Testing and QA services for Insurance

Testing can mitigate the threat of business disruption during and after implementation of software. There are many subdivisions of an insurance company that compels testing.

  • Policy Administration Systems
  • Claim Management Systems
  • Distribution Management Systems
  • Investment Management Systems
  • Third party Administration Systems
  • Risk Management Solutions
  • Regulatory and Compliance


  • Domain based test repository
  • Business rule data validation
  • Process automation
  • UI based test automation framework
  • Scalability & Increased process efficiency