Cloud Testing Services W3Softech

Cloud Testing Services

  • W3Softech cloud testing services enables our clients to test their application deployed in cloud.
  • Our cloud testing group provides cost effective solutions to our clients by providing
    1. Effective unlimited storage
    2. Quick availability of the infrastructure with scalability
    3. Flexibility and availability of distributed testing environment to reduce the execution time of testing of large applications.
  • Our cloud computing testing solution offers an enhanced user experience, elastic scaling and automated provisioning.
  • Ensure on demand self-service, Ubiquitous network access, location independent resource pooling and advanced virtualization through our cloud testing solution.

Cloud Testing Objectives

  • Reduced cost
  • Greater scalability
  • Increased mobility
  • Quick availability of the infrastructure
  • To reduce the execution time of testing of large applications
Cloud Testing Objectives W3Softech
Types of Cloud Testing W3Softech

Types of tests to be done under cloud

  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Browser Performance Testing
  • Latency Testing
  • Performance, load and stress testing

Challenges pertaining to Data Privacy, Residency, Data security and Compliance

Cloud Testing Key Challenges:

Cloud Testing Challenges W3Softech
Cloud Testing Approach W3Softech


  • Conduct a discovery to identify the need for cloud testing
    (deliverable : Discovery Report)
  • Develop the test scenarios based on Risk Based Testing that covers these following controls:
    • Encryption
    • Tokenization
    • Activity monitoring
    • Data loss prevention (DLP)
    • Malware detection
  • Define UAT Criteria
  • Identify the deployment models
  • Perform audits & measure the effectiveness of cloud testing

Key to Successful Testing

  • Understanding : Understanding a platform provider's elasticity model/dynamic configuration method
  • Monitoring : Staying abreast of the provider's evolving monitoring services and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Service Provider Relationship : Potentially engaging the service provider as an on-going operations partner if producing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software
  • Case Study : Willingness to be used as a case study by the cloud service provider.
Key To Successful Testing W3Softech
Cloud Testing Tools W3Softech

W3Softech recommends the following Cloud testing tools:

  • Cloud Assault
  • Parasoft SOAtest
  • HP LoadRunner
  • Keynote
  • LoadStorm