What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation works with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automate tasks across applications and systems. RPA is a software program that can be performed on Mobiles, Laptops or even PCs also. It is used to automate workflow, back office process, and infrastructure which are generally performed by a large scale of people.

Robotic Process Automation Tools

The most important robotic process automation (RPA) tools are listed below:

Automation Anywhere is one of the major popular RPA tools which help to automate any large-scale tasks with user-friendly capabilities of RPA. It requires a control room to run the automation tasks for any web-based management systems. It uses .NET framework.

Automstion Anywhere w3softech

Blue Prism is the second most important tool of RPA used to automate all business processes and helps to increase in accuracy by developing a Digital Workforce. Not only blue prism but also all RPA tools work based on .NET framework. Here, blue prism uses C#.NET programming language for automated scripts called bots.

Blueprism W3Softech

Open Span is one of the RPA tools mainly perform to integrate desktop applications without using any programming or code. Now open span has officially come under Pega systems. It can be integrated into visual studio by using the plugins.

Open Span W3Softech

Ui Path is the final RPA tool that helps to design the automation process in a visual manner such as diagrams. The main purpose of the UI path is to automate tasks that are repetitive in windows desktop applications and systems.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also called as Machine Intelligence which works and react like humans such as speech recognition, learning etc., Some of the most important subsets of AI are Natural Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, etc.,

The most popular AI types are Self-Awareness, Theory of Mind, Limits Memory and Reactive Machines.

There are 5 major programming languages for AI which are listed below

  • Python
  • R Language
  • Lisp
  • Prolog
  • Java
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Machine Learning

As we discussed earlier machine learning is one of the subsets of artificial intelligence. It mainly helps in the development of computer programs include algorithms and statistical models to perform a specific task without any interference.